Julian of Norwich Revelations of Divine Love

"Revelations of Divine Love" is a text of Julian of Norwich's dream visions that she had when she was near death. Then, after being miraculously healed, Julian of Norwich dedicated the rest of her life to writing her series of sixteen visions for all to read and understand. During her life, Norwich had suffered through three different bouts of the Black Death. Julian of Norwich remained optimistic in her faith, though; she denied that the plagues were God's punishment on the wicked. Instead, she believed that God was incapable of punishment. In her eyes, every person was worthy of God's salvation, and Hell was not a place of banishment and torture. She thought that God's true intentions of Hell were yet to be discovered. In «Revelations of Divine Love,» Julian of Norwich extrapolates on her beliefs and describes the visions she received about the Passion of the Christ as well as the Virgin Mary. In addition to being a truly inspiring work, it is also hailed as the first book written in English by a woman. Regardless if it is read for its historical significance or its religious message, «Revelations of Divine Love» is a truly inspiring text of Christian Mysticism.

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Julian of Norwich Revelations of Divine Love

Revelations of Divine Love, the first book ever written in English by a woman–is dense, deeply intuitive, and theologically complex. The last thirty years have seen several translations, some academic, others literal, but none quite like this one which capture's Julian's deepest meanings and liberates her inspired insights.
"This elegant translation of a wonderful spiritual classic makes Julian of Norwich beautifully accessible to the modern reader. And that is almost the pearl without price." – Archbishop Desmond Tutu

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Julian of Norwich Revelations of Divine Love

The fourteenth-century anchoress known as Julian of Norwich offered fervent prayers for a deeper understanding of Christ's passion. The holy woman's petitions were answered with a series of divine revelations that she called «showings.» Her mystic visions revealed Christ's sufferings with extreme intensity, but they also confirmed God's constant love for humanity and his infinite capacity for forgiveness.Julian of Norwich's Revelations have had a lasting influence on Christian thought. Written in immediate, compelling terms, her experiences remain among the most original and accessible expressions of medieval mysticism. This edition contains both the short text—which is mainly an account of the «showings» themselves and Julian's initial analysis of their meaning—as well as the long text, completed some 20 years later and offering daringly speculative interpretations.

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Philip Sheldrake Julian of Norwich. In God's Sight Her Theology in Context

A noted scholar examines the work of the English mystic Julian of Norwich Julian of Norwich is the late fourteenth-century and early fifteenth-century English woman theologian. With her mystical writings, she has become one of the most popular and influential spiritual figures of our times. In Julian of Norwich: In God's Sight, the eminent scholar Philip Sheldrake offers a study of the theology that Julian expresses in her writings. The author examines what is known about Julian’s mystical experience or mystical consciousness, discusses what can be surmised about Julian’s likely identity and places her writings in historical, cultural and spiritual contexts. Julian of Norwich: In God's Sight is based on a faithful reading of Julian’s texts, especially the Long Text, as well as on her own declared theological-spiritual purpose. This compelling book: Presents a contextually-grounded and text-related study of the key elements of Julian’s theology Offers a scholarly work by a well-known expert in the field Unlocks an ever-richer understanding of Julian’s writings Includes an examination of the key texts attributed to Julian Written for students of theology and those interested in learning more about this popular mystic, Julian of Norwich: In God's Sight offers ascholarly review of Julian’s most important writings.

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Amy Frykholm Julian of Norwich

The first fully-realized biography of Julian of Norwich—theologian, anchorite, and visionary of the Middle Ages.
A groundbreaking and sometimes controversial biography that offers full tribute to the mystic Julian of Norwich. In May 1373, a thirty year-old woman living in East Anglia suffered an illness. She received visions—what she later called «sixteen showings»—revealing to her secrets of the love of God. When she fully recovered, Julian recorded and richly explored those revelations, creating what became the first English-language book written by a woman.
Drawing on Julian's own writings, Frykholm's biography paints a vivid picture of the 14th century and this remarkable woman's place in it. Through plague, church corruption, economic devastation, and great personal loss, she presciently addressed her culture's greatest fears and anxieties. Ultimately, Julian of Norwich's life is shrouded in mystery, and yet she has become a significant figure in contemporary spirituality today.

"Frykholm…has audaciously done something many people would have said was not possible: written [Julian's] biography. Frykholm has combined a careful reading of Julian's writings (at times scrupulous, at times midrashic, but at all times attentive) with a deep immersion in the scholarship of 14th-century England to offer an informed and absorbing…account of Julian's life."
–Lauren F. Winner, Books & Culture
"[Frykhom's] narrative, which she calls 'an act of empathetic imagination,' crackles with life."
–The Denver Post
"A sympathetic and realistic portrayal of a saint who, as it turns out, is both holy (that is, set apart) and as complicated as you and me....It reads with the energy of a novel and the insight of a spiritual classic."
–Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, Christianity Today

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Fr. John Julian The Complete Julian

The most engaging and complete collection available of this 14th century English mystic
The Revelations of Julian of Norwich is the first book written in English by a woman – in this case, by a 14th century recluse who recounts the poignant, subtle, and radical insights granted to her in sixteen visions of the crucified Christ as she lay on what was believed to be her deathbed. Julian's miraculous recovery from that illness then led to twenty more years of reflection and contemplation on those revelations and finally to her writing a detailed account of her mystical experience.
Her work – in the same Middle English as her contemporary Geoffrey Chaucer – is dense, deeply intuitive, and theologically complex. The Complete Julian is the first book to offer a modern translation of all of Julian's writings (including her complete Revelations), a complete analysis of her work, as well as original historical, religious, and personal background material that helps the reader comprehend the depth and profundity of her life and work.

"[Julian's Revelations] may well be the most important work of Christian reflection in the English language." – Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury

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Robert Llewelyn Why Pray?

What is prayer, and why should we pray? In this previously unpublished collection of late writings, Robert Llewelyn, one of the wisest spiritual teachers of our time, offers advice and insights from a lifetime of spiritual experience, including the lessons we can learn from Julian of Norwich.

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Graves Kersey The Bible of Bibles; Or, Twenty-Seven Divine Revelations

Автор не указан The wisdom of angels concerning divine love and divine wisdom

Полный вариант заголовка: «The wisdom of angels concerning divine love and divine wisdom / translated from the Latin of Emanuel Swedenborg, originally published at Amsterdam, in the year 1763».


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Jeff B. Pool God's Wounds: Hermeneutic of the Christian Symbol of Divine Suffering, Volume Two

This book constitutes the second volume of a three-volume study of Christian testimonies to divine suffering: God's Wounds: Hermeneutic of the Christian Symbol of Divine Suffering, vol. 2, Evil and Divine Suffering. The larger study focuses its inquiry into the testimonies to divine suffering themselves, seeking to allow the voices that attest to divine suffering to speak freely, then to discover and elucidate the internal logic or rationality of this family of testimonies, rather than defending these attestations against the dominant claims of classical Christian theism that have historically sought to eliminate such language altogether from Christian discourse about the nature and life of God. This second volume of studies proceeds on the basis of the presuppositions of this symbol, those implicit attestations that provide the conditions of possibility for divine suffering-that which constitutes divine vulnerability with respect to creation-as identified and examined in the first volume of this project: an understanding of God through the primary metaphor of love («God is love»); and an understanding of the human as created in the image of God, with a life (though finite) analogous to the divine life-the imago Dei as love. The second volume then investigates the first two divine wounds or modes of divine suffering to which the larger family of testimonies to divine suffering normally attest: (1) divine grief, suffering because of betrayal by the beloved human or human sin; and (2) divine self-sacrifice, suffering for the beloved human in its bondage to sin or misery, to establish the possibility of redemption and reconciliation. Each divine wound, thus, constitutes a response to a creaturely occasion. The suffering in each divine wound also occurs in two stages: a passive stage and an active stage. In divine grief, God suffers because of human sin, betrayal of the divine lover by the beloved human: divine sorrow as the passive stage of divine grief; and divine anguish as the active stage of divine grief. In divine self-sacrifice, God suffers in response to the misery or bondage of the beloved human's infidelity: divine travail (focused on the divine incarnation in Jesus of Nazareth) as the active stage of divine self-sacrifice; and divine agony (focused on divine suffering in the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth) as the passive stage of divine self-sacrifice.

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Julian of Norwich - Wikipedia

Julian (or Juliana) of Norwich (1343 – after 1416), also known as Dame Julian or Mother Julian, was an English anchorite of the Middle Ages. She wrote the best known surviving book in the English language written by a mystic, Revelations of Divine Love. The book is the first written in English by a woman.

Juliana von Norwich – Wikipedia

Juliana von Norwich, englisch Julian of Norwich (* um 1342 in England; † nach 1413 in Norwich), war eine englische Mystikerin.

Friends of Julian of Norwich

Julian of Norwich "He did not say, 'You shall not be perturbed, you shall not be troubled, you shall not be distressed', but he said, 'You shall not be overcome.' "Chapter 68. News. Recording of the International Annual General Meeting September 2020 September 13, 2020. Click here for the recording Take the opportunity to: see some short video clips recorded especially for this meeting have ...

Julian of Norwich | English mystic | Britannica

Julian of Norwich, also called Juliana, (born 1342, probably Norwich, Norfolk, Eng.—died after 1416), celebrated mystic whose Revelations of Divine Love (or Showings) is generally considered one of the most remarkable documents of medieval religious experience. She spent the latter part of her life as a recluse at St. Julian’s Church, Norwich.

Julian von Norwich - Julian of Norwich - qwe.wiki

Julian (oder Juliana) aus Norwich (1343 - nach 1416), auch bekannt als Dame Julian oder Mutter Julian, war ein englischer Anchorit des Mittelalters. Sie lebte praktisch ihr ganzes Leben in der englischen Stadt Norwich, einem wichtigen Handelszentrum, das auch ein pulsierendes religiöses Leben hatte.

Julian of Norwich: ‘All Shall Be Well’ – History… the ...

Statue of Julian of Norwich, Norwich Cathedral by sculptor David Holgate. The medieval religious life provided a refuge for widows and elderly women in search of calm and peace at the end of their lives. It was an alternative to marriage, and childbearing, for women and girls from diverse backgrounds.

Zitate von Juliana von Norwich (366 Zitate) | Zitate ...

Juliana von Norwich, englisch Julian of Norwich , war eine englische Mystikerin. Sie war wahrscheinlich eine Reklusin bei der Kirche St. Julian in Norwich und erlebte während einer schweren Erkrankung 1373 16 mystische Eröffnungen über das Leben Jesu Christi und die Heilige Dreifaltigkeit.


JULIAN OF NORWICH: HER STORY Julian was no stranger to suffering, and yet, through her suffering she came to know God’s healing love. The Hundred Years’ War, the Papal Schism, numerous scandals surrounding the monarchy, the Peasants Revolt, and three plagues including the Great Pestilence all occurred during Julian’s lifetime.

Julian of Norwich - YouTube

Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Julian of Norwich · Gordon Bok · Ann Mayo Muir · Ed Trickett All Shall Be Well Again ℗ 1999 Folk-Legacy Record...

Home :: The Order of Julian of Norwich

The Order of Julian of Norwich is a contemplative order of monks and nuns of the Episcopal Church. The Order was founded in 1985 with the intention of providing contemplative monastic life and witness as a leaven of spiritual renewal in the Episcopal Church. Our life in community is grounded in daily Eucharist and the Divine Office. With our worldwide family of affiliates we are committed to ...

Julian of Norwich: a medieval take on lockdown and how to ...

‘At the Foot of the Cross with Julian of Norwich’ – Rev’d Dr Emma Pennington in conversation. Join Canon Emma in conversation with her husband, Jonathan Arnold, as she discusses her new book on the 14th-century English anchoress and mystic, Julian of Norwich: ‘At the Foot of the Cross with Julian of Norwich’.

Julian of Norwich Quotes (Author of Revelations of Divine ...

Julian of Norwich > Quotes Julian of Norwich quotes Showing 1-30 of 70 “All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.” ― Julian of Norwich

Alles wird gut: Die Eremitin von Norwich

Juliana von Norwich zog sich im vierzehnten Jahrhundert in eine Zelle in Ostengland zurück, die sie nie wieder verlassen sollte – und machte ihren Mitmenschen trotzdem in Zeiten von Seuchen und ...

Contextualizing Julian of Norwich’s Spiritual Genius ...

Icon of Julian of Norwich. Artist unknown; from HolySpiritArt Because of the plague the creation spiritual vision of such people as Hildegard of Bingen, Francis of Assisi, Thomas Aquinas, Mechtild of Magdeburg, and Meister Eckhart over the previous 150 years was practically abandoned in favor of Thomas a Kempis (“every time I enter creation I withdraw from God”) and other more introverted ...


English mystic of the fourteenth century, author or recipient of the vision contained in the book known as the "Sixteen Revelations of Divine Love". The original form of her name appears to have been Julian.

Advice for Surviving a Pandemic from Julian of Norwich ...

Julian lived from 1342 to approximately 1416; which means that she survived one of the most storied and terrifying pandemics of western history: the Great Pestilence, what we now call “the black death” — during which the bubonic plague ravaged England between 1348 and 1350.

Friends of Julian – Friends of Julian of Norwich

About Friends of Julian The Friends of Julian of Norwich is a spiritual community, inspired by the Revelations of Divine Love, seeking to grow in the knowledge and love of God alongside fellow pilgrims. We offer hospitality around the Julian Shrine, encourage contemplative quiet, and share resources for spiritual deepe

Julian of Norwich - Ancient History Encyclopedia

Julian of Norwich (l. 1342-1416 CE, also known as Dame Julian, Lady Juliana of Norwich) was a Christian mystic and anchoress best known for her work Revelations of Divine Love (Julian’s original title: Showings).

Julian of Norwich, Universal Salvation, and “All Shall Be ...

Denys Turner, Julian of Norwich, Theologian — Turner, himself a respected theologian, argues that Julian’s contribution to theology deserves to be seen on a par with that of her male contemporaries like Bernard and Aquinas. Julia A. Lamm, God’s Kinde Love: Julian of Norwich’s Vernacular Theology of Grace — A detailed study of Julian’s understanding of grace, showing how she ...

St. Juliana of Norwich - Saints & Angels - Catholic Online

Benedictine English mystic, sometimes called Julian. She was a recluse of Norwich, living outside the walls of St. Julian's Church. In 1373, she experienced sixteen revelations. Her book, Revelations of Divine Love - a work on the love of God, the Incarnation, redemption, and divine...

SIN IS NO THING | JULIAN OF NORWICH – Carolyn Berghuis, MS ...

While studying the thought of Julian of Norwich I continue to sit in awe as I reflect on her work – Revelations of Divine Love. In this work Julian reveals sixteen visions (called Showings) she received directly from Jesus Christ when she was thirty years old.

About Julian :: The Order of Julian of Norwich

Saint Julian . Dame Julian lived in Norwich, England in the 14th and early 15th century, and spent much of her life as an anchorite, a vowed religious living by herself in a small room, called an anchorhold, attached to the parish church of St Julian at Conisford in Norwich. Of herself, there is no more evidence than what she offers by her own witness, as well as the witness of a few bequests ...

Julian of Norwich: A Contemplative Biography: Amazon.de ...

Julian of Norwich: A Contemplative Biography | Frykholm, Amy | ISBN: 9781557256263 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon.

Church of St Julian and Shrine, Norwich | Historic Norwich ...

Julian of Norwich. Julian (1342-1413) was a 14th-century mystic, an anchoress, or female hermit, who lived in a small cell attached to St Julian's church, next to one of the busiest roads in medieval Norwich. Strangely, we do not know her real name; she is only known by her association with the church of St Julian. In truth, we do not know much of anything about her, except that she almost ...


ULIAN OF NORWICH lived in an English cathedral city in the fourteenth, and the beginning of the fifteenth, centuries. contemplative, she wrote a theological treatise about her Showing of Love that can speak to us today.

Julian of Norwich - YouTube

Short documentary on Julian of Norwich. Directed, Filmed and Edited by Britt Robinson.

Julian Of Norwich | Encyclopedia.com

JULIAN OF NORWICH. JULIAN OF NORWICH (1342 – 1416?), known as Lady Julian, Dame Julian, and Mother Julian, was an English mystic and Christian theologian. Julian lived in the century in which Europe was ravaged by the Black Death, and England and France were torn by the Hundred Years War.Against a background of war, plague, social turmoil, and religious unrest she shared in a flowering of ...

Julian of Norwich - The British Library

Julian seems to have been still alive in 1416 because in that year Isabel Ufforde, the Countess of Suffolk, left 20 shillings to a ‘Julian, recluse at Norwich’. She would have been 73. Thus, it would appear that Julian spent at least 20 years enclosed in her cell or ‘anchorhold’. Despite this enclosure, and her protestation that she was ...

Norwich, J: Showings of Julian of Norwich Norton Critical ...

Julian of Norwich was a 14th century mystic, and one of the first medieval women to write in the English language. This edition of her revelations, or "showings", is an excellent tool for the career medievalist, student or just those who are interested in women's writing and the Middle Ages.

Oneing with Julian of Norwich | The Contemplative Writer

The fourteenth-century mystic Julian of Norwich has taught me many things about hope, faith, and divine love. Recently she's also taught me the value of words. I was reading Julian's work, the Revelations of Divine Love, when I came across this sentence: “Prayer ones the soul to God.” This passage awakened my inner grammar queen.…

Julian of Norwich - Wikiquote

Julian of Norwich (c. 8 November 1342 – c. 1416) was an English Christian mystic and theologian. Little is known of her life. Even her name is uncertain, the name "Julian" probably originated from the Church of St. Julian, Norwich, where she was an anchoress.

Julian Of Norwich Gifts & Merchandise | Redbubble

High quality Julian Of Norwich gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

Julian of Norwich: Mystic and Theologian: Jantzen, Grace M ...

Julian of Norwich, an anchoress of the fourteenth century, has captured the imagination of our time in a remarkable way. She shares with her readers the deepest and most intimate experiences of her life through her writings. This detailed study of Julian attempts not only to penetrate her theological ideas but also bring to life her world and her life as an anchoress. Grace Jantzen has more ...

Julian of Norwich: ‘A theologian for our time’ – Anglican ...

Julian of Norwich wrote the first published book attributed to a woman in all of English literature. And although they had just two or three small windows letting a sliver of the outside world into their chambers, anchorites were influential. They could give counsel from the wisdom they accrued in their contemplative lives, and in this way, have an outsized impact on the places and communities ...

julian of norwich – Sunflower Seed Spirituality

When I read Revelations of Divine Love by Julian of Norwich some years ago (rather than the present Journey I am doing), I developed an understanding of what I call “God time”. When she talked about the servant falling into the pit, in Revelations of Divine Love, she describes this as the Fall, not just the original Fall of our first parents in the garden of Eden, but also, simultaneously ...

Julian of Norwich – A Medieval Woman's Companion

St Julian’s Alley in Norwich. And I saw people’s pleas to God for help through prayer. Poignant requests for help in the current church. The church had a reconstruction of Julian’s cell. A crucifix in the imagined cell she lived in. Candlesticks would have been a luxury in Julian’s time. An anchorite like Julian would have looked out into the church through a squint. Here is one from ...

Julian of norwich | Etsy

Julian von Norwich - Saint Julian - Juliana von Norwich - Sainte Julienne handgefertigten Holz-Symbol auf Tafel mit physikalische Alterung und goldenen Blatt 24K HolySpiritArt. Aus dem Shop HolySpiritArt. 5 von 5 Sternen (549) 549 Bewertungen. ab 25,00 ...

Dame Julian of Norwich, Contemplative

The (Anglican) Order of Julian of Norwich was founded in Norwich, Connecticut, by the Revd John (Julian) Swanson. It is an order for Both men and women, with an emphasis on the Divine Office and work and contemplation. It seems to be holding its own in terms of new members arriving and remaining. Their Ordo includes the lessons for every day of the Year for the Daily Office, and the Mass for ...

Julian of Norwich (Author of Revelations of Divine Love)

Julian of Norwich was the most important English mystic of the 14th century. Her spirituality is strongly Trinitarian and basically Neoplatonic. In her Revelations of Divine Love Julian relates that in May 1373, when she was 30 years old, she suffered a serious illness. After she had been administered extreme unction, she received 16 revelations within the span of a few hours. When she wrote ...

Julian of Norwich (1342-c.1416) - Anniina Jokinen

Welcome to the Luminarium Julian of Norwich page. Here you will find a biography. and online texts of her Revelations.The site also has essays and articles, as well as links to study resources and a list of books helpful for further study. All of these can be accessed from the red navigation bar at the top.

Julian of Norwich believed ‘All will be well.’ Would she ...

On May 13, the popular feast day of my beloved Julian of Norwich, I was struck again by her insights. To be honest, it is not really her famous “all will be well” line that captures me, though ...

Julian of Norwich Farm

Julian of Norwich Farm, 23150 Roosevelt Road, South Bend, IN, 46614, United States julianofnorwichfarm@gmail.com

New Julian of Norwich podcast — Diocese of Norwich

Home News New Julian of Norwich podcast. Go Back. New Julian of Norwich podcast. 7 May 2020. Bishop Graham recommends a new podcast by Mother Julian’s biographer, saying he found the first episode very helpful. Life, Love, and Light: Reflections by Veronica Mary Rolf is a new podcast series in which she will be “exploring the teachings of Christian mystics to discover how they may inspire ...

Julian of Norwich: Weekly Summary — Center for Action and ...

Julian of Norwich Saturday, May 16, 2020 Summary: Sunday, May 10 — Friday, May 15, 2020 Like all mystics, Julian realized that what Jesus was saying about himself, he was simultaneously saying about all of reality. That is what unitive consciousness allows you to see. (Sunday) Perhaps the best answer to the question “Why Julian… Continue Reading Julian of Norwich: Weekly Summary

Julian of Norwich: ebook jetzt bei Weltbild.de als Download

Julian of Norwich was a fourteenth-century woman who at the age of thirty had a series of vivid visions centred around the crucified Christ. Twenty years later, while living as an anchoress in a church, she is believed to have set out these visions in a text called the Showing of Love. Going against the current trend to place Julian in the category of mystic - a classification which defines ...

Amazon.com: Julian of Norwich: Books

The Showings of Julian of Norwich (First Edition) (Norton Critical Editions) by Julian of Norwich and Denise N. Baker | Oct 4, 2004. 4.5 out of 5 stars 12. Paperback $20.62 $ 20. 62 $23.00 $23.00. Get it as soon as Wed, Aug 26. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. Only 1 left in stock (more on the way). More Buying Choices $10.10 (16 used & new offers) Revelations of Divine ...

Julian of Norwich: ebook jetzt bei Weltbild.de als Download

eBook Shop: Julian of Norwich von Philip Sheldrake als Download. Jetzt eBook herunterladen & bequem mit Ihrem Tablet oder eBook Reader lesen.

Julian of Norwich: All Shall Be Well Overcoming Anxiety | Etsy

"Julian, born in 1342, was an anchoress in Norwich, England, devoting much of her life to meditation. She had a series of visions and wrote a book that, in part, describes and analyzes the visions. In the work, Julian struggles to understand suffering, and her most famous line, 'All shall be well,... and all manner of thing shall be well,' is, in part, a resolution of that struggle, for the ...

Jeff B. Pool God's Wounds: Hermeneutic of the Christian Symbol of Divine Suffering, Volume One

This book constitutes the first volume of a three-volume study of Christian testimonies to divine suffering: God's Wounds: Hermeneutic of the Christian Symbol of Divine Suffering, Divine Vulnerability and Creation. This study first develops an approach to interpreting the contested claims about the suffering of God. Thus, the larger study focuses its inquiry into the testimonies to divine suffering themselves, seeking to allow the voices that attest to divine suffering to speak freely, to discover and elucidate the internal logic or rationality of this family of testimonies, rather than defending these attestations against the dominant claims of classical Christian theism that have historically sought to eliminate such language altogether from Christian discourse about the nature and life of God. Through this approach this volume of studies into the Christian symbol of divine suffering then investigates the two major presuppositions that the larger family of testimonies to divine suffering normally hold: an understanding of God through the primary metaphor of love («God is love»); and an understanding of the human as created in the image of God, with a life (though finite) analogous to the divine life–the imago Dei as love. When fully elaborated, these presuppositions reveal the conditions of possibility for divine suffering and divine vulnerability with respect to creation.

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Paul Joseph Greene The End of Divine Truthiness: Love, Power, and God

In The End of Divine Truthiness, Paul Joseph Greene confronts stark realities of terrifying theologies that make a mockery out of divine love. With urgent resolve, Greene answers Martin Luther King, Jr.'s pointed challenge to overcome «reckless and abusive . . . power without love,» and «sentimental and anemic . . . love without power.» Too many theologies cast God either as the tyrant whose loveless power lifts up the mighty or the victim whose powerless love sends the poor away empty. Wielding Stephen Colbert's word «truthiness» as a scalpel, Greene slices out one perilous theology after another to restore the wholesome truth that God is love. Supported by three world religions–Buddhism, Christianity, and Taoism–he discovers a remarkably harmonious and revolutionary divine power that is fully aligned with divine love. To reunify love and power here in the world, as King challenges, it is time to abandon ideologies of divine power that devastate divine love and promote atrocities. Greene's call for «the end of divine truthiness» heralds a new day for the God whose love is power and whose power is love.

1997.31 RUR

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Robert Waldron Lady at the Window

Lady at the Window chronicles the last Holy Week in Julian of Norwich’s life.
In her secret journal (because women are forbidden to write in English) the great English mystic chronicles her inner life, including her relationship with the “courteous Lord,” who when she was young was a constant presence in her life, but now in her old age feels to be more of a constant absence, Deus Absconditus.
There are two windows in Lady Julian’s anchorage: one looks upon the interior of St. Julian’s Church with its high altar and tabernacle; the other opens onto the city of Norwich with its publicans, sinners, poor, people in the marketplace, and neighbors. Among these there are those in deep distress who find their way to Lady Julian, now famous for her wisdom and holy counsel. There is the young woman with a child outside of marriage. There is a wounded young soldier, jobless, homeless, and afraid. There is a man who has betrayed his betrothed. And others. No one leaves Julian’s window without psychological and spiritual uplifting.
But the underlying theme of this novella is Lady Julian’s dark night of the soul. As with other mystics who came after her, e.g., St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Calcutta, Julian abides in a cloud of unknowing, praying daily that her darkness be dispelled by divine light.

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Группа авторов The Complete Francis of Assisi

There are many editions of the writings of St. Francis, and biographies about him, but here in one volume are both, plus the complete text of the late medieval work, The Little Flowers, which did more to establish the legend of the man than any other work. This «Paraclete Giants» edition includes the complete Road to Assisi, Paul Sabatier's ground-breaking and foundational biography of the saint, first published in French in 1894 and re-issued and expanded in 2002; the complete Francis in His Own Words: The Essential Writings; and The Little Flowers, thus offering the best introduction to St. Francis yet available between two covers. Other Paraclete Giants include The Complete Julian of Norwich and The Complete Introduction to the Devout Life, both translated and introduced by Fr. John-Julian, OJN.

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Edward of Norwich The Master of Game: The Oldest English Book on Hunting

Paullina Simons A Beggar’s Kingdom

How much would you sacrifice for true love? The second novel in Paullina Simons' stunning End of Forever saga continues the heartbreaking story of Julian and Josephine, and a love that spans lifetimes. Julian has travelled from the heights of joy to the depths of despair and back again. Having found his love – twice – and lost her – twice, he is resolved to continue his search and find her in the past again. Perhaps this time he can save her. But the journey is never so simple and Julian will have to decide just how much one man can sacrifice. He is willing to give up everything – but he must learn what that truly means, and how much more can be taken from you than you ever believed possible.

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A. D. Bayne A Comprehensive History of Norwich

John Collins The Way of the Cross with the Saints

“Out of darkness is born the light.” – St. Catherine of Sienna The Way of the Cross with the Saints is a fruitful way for parishioners to walk the dark steps to Calvary with Jesus – toward the light of our redemption. At each of the stations we are accompanied by a saint whose thoughts illuminate the way, revealing the light-filled moment behind the darkness. Saints include: St. John Paul II St. Pio of Pietrelcina St. Thomas More St. Bernard of Clairvaux St. Leo the Great St. Thérèse of Lisieux Dame Julian of Norwich St. John Chrysostom St. Faustina St. Thomas Aquinas St. Cyril of Jerusalem St. Augustine St. Catherine of Siena St. Teresa of Calcutta St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

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Sri Aurobindo All Life Is Yoga: Aspiration

"Aspiration is the call of the being for higher things – for the Divine, for all that belongs to the higher or Divine Consciousness." (Sri Aurobindo)
"This taste for supreme adventure is aspiration – an aspiration which takes hold of you completely and flings you, without calculation and without reserve and without a possibility of withdrawal, into the great adventure of the divine discovery, the great adventure of the divine meeting, the yet greater adventure of the divine Realisation." (The Mother)

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Joshua Hoffman The Divine Attributes

The Divine Attributesis an engaging analysis of the God of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam from the perspective of rational theology.

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